Photography followed along with our own love story.  I can’t tell you how many dates we spent talking about art, photography and creative projects.


 We are very passionate about art and storytelling. We believe in dreams, and that they do come true. We bring modesty of East and elegant tasteful fashion of the West.



While creating very touching and emotional work, we are inseparable team.

 Love  for history and fashion makes us admire architectural details of European estates, beauty of Alps, and graceful reflection of the ocean.


From Intimate weddings with the breathtaking  backdrops to high end  weddings in NYC. All of that mixed with real outlook in life, believing in real feelings, raw emotions and pure kindness and compassion. Less is more, simple is elegant.


Sri CEO and Lead Photographer Olga Photographer Sujatha Photographer
Mary Studio Manager Alena Editor

New York Film Academy, Photography courses and multiple workshops, helped us to build a strong base and not worry about technical aspects, while allowing us to focus on YOU.


 Sri worked with celebrities, photographed events like New York fashion Week and Miss Universe. He is the best

when it is comes to capturing that candid photos. Grandma crying-trust me , he will be the one to catch this shot.


Olga is an expert when it comes to fine art photography. She studied fine art in Europe and photographed Wedding across the globe. She learned from top wedding photographers. She brings special touch to the weddings. Elegance and Romance, that's two of my favorite things to capture.


She has an eye for capturing those pictures, that you will print and put on the wall. Feminine,elegant and romantic you can read through her images.

Our team was the first one to introduce fine art wedding photography in South Asian weddings.

Our style is a mix of photojournalistic and highly artistic imagery with focus on lighting and composition, that capture heirloom of memories for generation to come. Each of us have a different way of seeing the event and so you get the benefit of two styles.

We capture memories it in the beautiful and classy manner.


Our goal is to provide you with timeless, elegant, fine art images that will last a lifetime and beyond.

We truly believe a great story captured in the picture is an example of a fabulous partnership between the client and the photographer.

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