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St. John's Episcopal Church Washington DC

Nora and Everett


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The big day started with getting ready at the St. John's Episcopal Church. Oftentimes getting

ready at the same location as the ceremony may not seem like a good idea, but this place was stunning. The room was filled with natural light and windows went from floor to ceiling. Can you really ask for more to take getting ready shots?


A few words about the wedding gown... Never before simple was so noble and innocent! With along veil Nora looked like a princess who just stepped out of a novel. Bridesmaids in long dark gowns with white bouquets only intensified this impression, making Nora a crest jewel among them. A couple of sweet pics with mom and, of course, a full-length by the window. Nora did great and we all had fun helping her get ready for the big event.

Meanwhile Everett and his party got all dressed up and ready to go. The location had plenty of space to take all of the groom and groomsmen pictures as well. The lighting outside was just perfect for stunning crisp photographs. What can we say, Everett looked nothing less than a movie star ready to receive his Oscar.

The ceremony was sweet and the traditional church altar backdrop with white flower

arrangements and long candles reminded of royal weddings. They said their vows in the name of the Lord and the priest did the needful. Till death do us part. And happily ever after.


Following the ceremony everyone gathered for family portraits and the St. John's Episcopal Church was just the perfect backdrop. No masks, please! We are here to celebrate, laugh and dance despite the pandemic. So let it hail!

And the icing on the cake was that the cherry blossoms were still on and we got some stunning cherry blossom portraits. That proves that you don't have to go to the tidal Basin to get amazing cherry blossom shots. And weren’t they simply gorgeous, those two high school sweethearts under the blossoming cherry trees, united forever in the holy wedlock.


We love each and every of our brides because they are all unique in their own way. Nora won our heart by being so gentle and sweet in her princess-like wedding gown. Her soft smile was precious and the bride portraits came out perfect.

We love those candid shots of newly married Nora and Everett we took outside. Each of them has a story to tell. Here he’s overwhelmed with joy and lifts her up in the air. And here she is whispering some sweet words in his ear. Lots of kisses and hugs and even a little dance!


And then it was time to party! First dance as husband and wife always brings tears in the eyes. We got that covered. Sweet moments dancing with dad. We captured that too. As the evening progressed there were many more candid shots we took of Nora and Everett. And there were times when we had tears in our eyes too, but shhhh... nobody photographed that.


True romance is hard to get. It’s even harder to catch it on camera. On that day I think we did it quite well. Nora and Everett, our royal couple of the day, will have beautiful memories to share.

We wish that their love keeps blossoming like those gorgeous cherry trees outside of St. John's Episcopal Church on their wedding day…



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St. John's Episcopal Church Wedding Washington DC
St. John's Episcopal Church Wedding Washington DC
St. John's Episcopal Church Wedding Washington DC
St. John's Episcopal Church Wedding Washington DC
St. John's Episcopal Church Wedding Washington DC
St. John's Episcopal Church Wedding Washington DC
St. John's Episcopal Church Wedding Washington DC

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