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A nationally designated historic district, Old Town Alexandria is one of the most popular locations for Engagement Photos. Old Town Alexandria attracts thousands of tourists yearly, but cherished and loved by locals as well. Countless proposals, engagements and weddings happens in Old Town Alexandria. In this blog post we’ve  shared about few of our favorite spots for pictures in Old Town Alexandria.


Old Town Alexandria is a combination of timeless yet simple subtle architecture of cobble stone streets, old colonial style houses along with rays of sunlight brushing through the alleys for those romantic lovers and a Water Front that has a promising river wall if you are not already spellbound by the Marina. The opportunities for pictures are endless. Old Town Alexandria looks great as photo backdrop in any season and any weather.


Capture your perfect Engagement photos as you stroll through historic alleyways, cobblestone streets & picturesque row houses from the 18th century enjoy a sunset in the Potomac river, sip coffee in Starbucks whose ambiance is modeled to the old town history. Remember your photoshoot is not only about the picture but also the experience it leaves you with, a fine opportunity for two you to enjoy and capture your story.


Here are few spots we love in Old Town:


1. Historic Alleyways


Take a stroll through Old Town Alexandria historic alleyways. Old Town Alexandria is has plenty of Beautiful alleyways running through the town. That is perfect chance to get away from the crowd, and take amazing pictures. Quiet alleyways are filled with lush greens contrasting brick walls and historic buildings that still hold pieces of original architecture. Perfect for couple who feels a little shy to pose in crowded places. It is also great for fine art soft light and airy photos as well as dress up black tie Engagement shoot. The architecture and streets have a colonial, historic and unique vibe.  Pair a stroll through Old Town’s iconic cobblestone block, Captain’s Row (the 100 block of Prince Street)




2. Wilkes Street Tunnel

398 Wilkies St, Alexandria VA 22314


Take a romantic cycle ride in Wilkie street Tunnel.  Wilkies Street tunnel is beautiful and  moody historic landmark. One of the two 19th century railroad landmarks still remain today. Now this beautiful landmark, perfect backdrop for photos, as well as trail for joggers and bikers. The wall of the tunnels are covered with ivy and grey sand stone. You can rent a bike for a ride and accent them with florals that best match the season. Please make sure you watch out for bikers and share the space :-)





We were able to get some really stunning portrait of Mariam, while getting ready. We will post a link for a full gallery in the end. Window light made her bridal portraits truly stunning.




Where to take Engagement Photos in Old Town Alexandria


Washington DC Engagement and Wedding Photographer –Snowdrop Photography

Guide to the best locations for engagement/wedding photography in Old Town Alexandria by Snowdrop Photography
A sunset engagement session is photographed in Old Town Alexandria, VA on the quaint cobblestone street
A summer engagement session is photographed in Old Town Alexandria  Wilkes Tunnel

3. Old Town Alexandria Starbucks

100 S Union St, Alexandria


Have a cup of coffee in Historic Old Town Alexandria Starbucks. This

Starbucks on Union street is truly Hidden gem. We often hear comments from our couples that the have never seeing Starbucks like that. It looks like it is build in one of the historic buildings, with big windows allowing beautiful natural light in and sandstone walls. Perfect for colder weather engagements or just to stop by in between your photoshoot and have cup of coffee.


Snowdrop Photography-Capturing couples in love in old Town Alexandria

4. Potomac River Waterfront


Potomac river waterfront is perfect for sunset photos. With boats parked in the harbor it is a perfect, modern urban backdrop. Take a boat tour, for flying hair photos and just have fun. Urban romance meets colonial classic style at this stunning Alexandria Waterfront harbor spot. You can begin with the Marina and the wooden steps, a gazebo in the middle and some rock and water shots at the park. If you want to bring in your dog, Canine Cruises of Potomac is definitely the best choice.



5. Personal Boat Tour


If you are planning proposal and need and want to sweep you lady of her feet, take a personal boat tour. Embark DC tours and does a great job arranging proposals. It is a perfect setting for proposal. He takes you to the place where you want to propose, be it by the Lincoln or near Georgetown or by the Kennedy Center. Those special moments definitely deserve a special personal boat tour. Be sure to check this out.


A sunset proposal session is photographed Potomac river privite boat tour by Snowdrop Photography

6. Carlyle House


Carlyle House home is a Georgian manor built in 1753 by one of Alexandria’s city founders. It is a beautiful white stone mansion but also has a beautiful garden. The trees inside are a perfect backdrop for fall photoshoot.

The building in itself bring the ambiance of  the forts in the historic times.



An engagement session is photographed in Old Town Alexandria, VA  Carlyle House
A sunrset engagement session is photographed in Old Town Alexandria Waterfront

7. Ben & Jerry’s


I guess a date is never done without some dessert. Enjoy the ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s along with adding a few of the popping colors to your photoshoot. Let the story of your love be reflected in this experience in a any place that you feel together, even if it is just the steps by the street.





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